2018 Honda Accord Concept Rumors

The Honda Accord ought to receive an entire remodel for the 2018 design year. We can see a couple of differences in relation to its predecessor. However, this mid-size size sedan is unlikely to deviate far from its up-and-coming direction. Honda is by nature, a company that is generally reticent regarding future model information. So we can merely hypothesize when the subsequent generation Accord will arrive. The present qualities will probably press forward with the 2018 Honda Accord being adept with superior mobility, capacious interior, fuel economy and superfluous first-rate performance.

2018 Honda Accord Concept front view

2018 Honda Accord Redesign:

The 2018 Honda Accord will deliver a whole new framework as the 10th generation of this prevalent car line. It is expected to bear measly semblance to its original model that dates back to the 1970s. Shortly after the release of the first Accord, the Honda mutated both in length and power to welcome a sedan in 1979. A coupe and a station wagon subsequently saw the revolution advance to a midsize sedan in 2013. The Accord was last redesigned to hold swatted powertrains and innovative styling features in an orthodox hybrid version.

2018 Honda Accord Concept side view

2018 Honda Accord Engine Specs:

Each model will hold a front-wheel drive outline, 2.4 liter four-chamber and 186 lb-ft of torque. As opposed to set mechanical assembly, the breed will unite a four-chamber gas engine with an electric motor to perhaps issue a turbocharged engine. Anticipate that the design will present an exclusively new Accord 2018 arrangement with a six-speed customized transmission in autos.

Fuel Economy:

The new Honda Accord for 2018 is projected to have a turbo that will moderate the degree of its gas engine and improve its fuel economy. It will conceivably hold chamber deactivation where barrels will be idled in low demand to safeguard consumption.

Hybrid Powertrain:

The hybrid is expected to have the ability to contain a commencement charge from the system’s power in the first 10 miles of electric control. Thereafter, the gas engine will kick in. Depending on the source of power, the first charge time should last for about three hours.

2018 Honda Accord Concept rear view

The new Accord sedan for 2018 is unlikely to veer off its expected version both in North America and Europe. Basically, the two versions have always been significantly different from each other in terms of platforms, engine ability and other components. A luxurious sportier version of the Accord is sold through one of Honda’s division.

2018 Honda Accord Release Date and Price:

According to our information, new redesigned Honda Accord will be launched in the first half of 2017. If this rumor comes true, the beginning of sales can be expected by the end of next year. Read more news about upcoming 2018 Honda Accord.

We do not expect a significant increase in the price of the new redesigned 2018 Honda Accord. Since main competitors of Accord are Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu its basic price must remain under $ 23,000.


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