2018 Honda Accord Spy Shots, Rumors, Review

Honda, a name that needs no introduction, is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that is committed to providing new and improved technology to its customers every year. No, we are not talking about ‘ASIMO’ the jaw dropping robot here. We are talking about Accord, a car by Honda that will have some notable changes in its 2018 version.

2018 Honda Accord spy shot 1

Before we jump right on to the description of the Honda Accord for 2018, it would really be great if we first discuss a little about the company whose brain child we will talk later of, in this article. Honda is ranked as the eight largest automobile manufacturer of the world. Apart from producing automobiles, it also produces aircraft, power equipment and motor cycles.

According to statistics, Honda was able to sell more than 4 million vehicles around the world and right now the company is making headlines because it has tested its 2018 Honda Accord model. It was recently tested on the road in the south western desert area of the US. This event attracted many car paparazzi to the desert in the hope that they would catch a glimpse of this upcoming car by Honda, but the car’s body was camouflaged so that it did not clearly reveal the upgrades made by the company.

Despite the fact that the car was clad in a camouflage suit, some of the changes were obvious to spot and are discussed in detail in the article. The upgraded model will be launched in 2018 or in the last quarter of the next year i.e. 2017. Here is a detailed description about the new 2018 Honda Accord. So hold your breath and read on!

Changes Made under the 2018 Honda Accord Hood

Under the hood of the 2018 Honda Accord will be a 2.4 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that is able to generate a torque of 186 lb-ft. However, there are rumors that the engineers will replace the 3.5 liter V6 engine that was installed in the 2016 version of the Honda Accord, with a 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo engine.

The 2018 Honda Accord hybrid will feature the same old 212 horsepower 4-cylinder engine that is capable of returning 49 mpg on the highways and 47 mpg in the city. Well, this proves that Honda have kept its promise of producing vehicles that provide maximum fuel efficiency to its owners.

2018 Honda Accord spy shot 2

2018 Honda Accord Design

The new Honda Accord 2018 is said to have borrowed most of its features and design concepts from the 2017 Honda Civic. The 2017 Honda Civic will be built on a flexible chassis that will reduce the curb weight of the vehicle by 30 kg. In the same way, the 2018 Honda Accord will be built on flexible chassis as well. This will not only reduce the weight of this vehicle but will also enhance its fuel efficiency.

Also, the appearance of the 2018 Honda Accord is made sportier by adding some sexy cuts and curves to the body. This kind of design will not only catch the attention of bystanders but will also slightly improve its aerodynamics. The pictures taken by some car paparazzi in the southwestern region of US, where the vehicle was tested for its on-road drive, indicated that the newer version of Honda Accord will have an arching roof line that will smoothly merge in the rear window of the car.

The angular front end of this upcoming vehicle will be similar to that of the 2017 Honda Civic and it will have all LED headlights as well as LED taillights that will enhance the beauty and look of the car when it smoothly glides over a road at night. Hmm… sounds cool.

The interior of the 2018 Accord will be even more spacious and the center console will have plenty of infotainment options for the driver and the vehicle will also have improved level of safety. Features like automatic braking, forward collision warning, active lane-keeping and cruise control will all be included in the upcoming model.

2018 Honda Accord spy shot 3

2018 Honda Accord Price, Competition and Release Date

The officials of Honda are tight lipped and reticent when it comes to revealing any information regarding the upcoming model. The price of this Honda Accord’s 2018 version has not been disclosed by the company either.

However, it is estimated that its price will be greater than the 2016 model of Accord. The 2016 Honda Accord carried a price tag of $24,000, but the base model and trim of the 2018 Honda Accord will carry a price tag of $28,000. For more advanced trim and for the 2018 Accord Hybrid model, you should expect to pay around $37,000 – $40,000.

When this new model of Honda Accord rolls out in the market, it is predicted by many market punters that it will face extreme competition from Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion. This competition will be extreme because Honda has priced its vehicle way higher than its competitors and now it all depends upon the customers whether they find this price tag justified or not.

2018 Honda Accord spy shot 4

The company also hasn’t disclosed anything about the launch date of the 2018 Honda Accord. However, market experts believe that it will be launched near the end of 2017 and will be made available for sale in the US in the first quarter of 2018. Any other information released by the company officials or rumors related to the new Honda Accord 2018 will be posted on our website, so keep visiting for more updates!