The All New 2019 Honda Accord: A byword for elegance

If there is one word that can eloquently define Honda Accord, it’s ‘Elegance’, as in ‘elegance personified.’ The good people at the Honda Motor Company have worked very hard indeed to make sure that the ‘Accord’ name is synonymous with reliability, cutting edge technology, and luxury at an affordable cost. All these features combined have ensured that the iconic Honda Accord is arguably one of the most well-known and popular vehicle in the world since its debut way back in the mid 1970s.

According to the latest rumors it will be released during 2018 as a 2019 Honda Accord model.

2019 Honda Accord External design

Honda knows when it is on to a good thing and perhaps that is why the all new 2019 Honda Accord ( officially the 10th generation bearing this name) has gone on to incorporate many a design feature from its venerable cousin – the award winning 10 gen Honda Civic. While the spy pictures are not very clear and the vehicle itself wears a heavy black canvas seat, no camouflage in the world can hide its rakish and sporty angles. Moreover, Accord just might sport a new grille that may well be inspired by the Ridgeline series of trucks.

It is same for the interiors it might also be inspired by the smaller Civic. The all-new 2019 Honda Accord seems to have done away with the concept of making ever-smaller vehicles and seems to have a larger footprint than its older counterparts, effectively meaning more space for a roomier cabin. According to industry insiders, the interior of the vehicle is all set to synergize between the Civic and the older Accord to produce the best of both world. While the new Accord is widely expected to continue with its proprietary ‘Honda Sensing Active Safety Technology,‘ it is also expected to be equipped with a Forward Collision Warning System as well as automatic braking and active cruise control to retain its reputation as a safe and reliable family vehicle. Moreover, a state of the art infotainment system with built in steering wheel buttons should also come as standard.

Engine Options

Over the past few decades, the Accord has been equipped with a wide variety of engines and transmissions. There are no exact specifications available as of now. However, it is speculated that it might pack a 1500cc (1.5-liter) turbo charged 4-cylinder power-house under the hood. This engine is quite like the current Civics’ engine and is expected to produce around 175 horsepower and 165 pounds of torque per foot. While a hybrid version of the same vehicle might be equipped with the original four-cylinder engine capable 212-horse power coupled with electric motors to deliver truly outstanding performance while being extremely fuel-efficient.


The vehicle is expected to have either a 6 speed manual transmission or the same configuration in an automatic format.

2019 Honda Accord Release date and Price

The new Accord 2019 might be released in early 2018 with an expected price tag of $30,000 or so for the standard version, and around $10,000 more for the hybrid version.